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Hello, dear friends, we are here to say "Happy New Year 2019" to all of you, and all of our Strong Wind Musical Instruments Co., Ltd working staffs and leaders are delivering the best wishes and enormous gratefulness from our hearts to every customer coming to our store !

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In the new year of 2019, we would feel always excited and honored to join hands with you to create a much better, happier, richer and more wonderful life that we will remember forever !

As you wish, we have developed more new guitars and ukuleles that are made of new better materials, much better sounds, more stylish designs and much much more !

Start right here and lead your own lives the way just you like !

Happy New Year !  Happy New Life !

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SMOOTH TUNING PEGS:The nails of this beginner guitar are very smooth and well made. The chrome-gear tuning head can be easily adjusted to maintain the volume of the guitar. Smooth tuning pins help people who want to train and learn acoustic guitars.

SOLID BASSWOOD TOP BACK SIDES:Strong Wind 39-inch guitar features a lining lining tree top and a sturdy, full-size, fearless body with smooth curves for added comfort during performance. These solid eucalyptus produce a smooth, rich, full and vibrant sound that is perfect for rock, folk, country and more.

4/4 size full-size acoustic guitar: This 4/4 nylon string guitar is suitable for people over 11 years old and adults. It looks great. Easy to play for beginners or experienced players. When learning to play the guitar, you can easily change the sound. Easy to play, it is an ideal beginner's instrument for students, children, boys, girls and adults.

TUNER is easy to adjust: nylon strings may stretch at the beginning, so when you play for the first time, please adjust every 5 minutes. Then it will remain as it is. The electric clip-on electronic tuner is easy to operate and helps you easily adjust the guitar. Clip the guitar to the head of the guitar and it will adjust the beauty quickly. I keep learning to play guitar after I like to play guitar.

1 year warranty: We offer 1 year warranty and lifetime service. This guitar starter kit comes with everything you need to start playing the guitar, including a guitar clip tuner, a sturdy performance bag, two paddles for sweeping the strings, and extra nylon strings for replacement when needed. A cleaning cloth is included.

Size: 4/4 size (suitable for 11 years old and older)


*Well made tuning machines

*Tuning machine screws are tight

*The maple neck is straight and smooth

*Dreadnought body creates volume and quality tone

*Bridge is securely glued to guitar top with no open gaps

*Nice gloss brown finish with decorative pattern around sound hole

*Designed for both beginner and experienced player, perfect for children

*Fingerboard and bridge are about the same height above the guitar top

*The neck of the classical guitar merges with the body of the guitar at the 13th fret.

*The nylon strings are traditionally used for classical music, folk or any other style of music

*With the combination of basswood top & side & back and hardwood fingerboard, the guitar has a full, warm, soft and rich sound

*Accessories include gig bag, picks, 360 degree rotatable clip-on E-tuner with battery,an extra set of strings and a cleaning cloth


You should tune your guitar every single time you pick it up. Guitars tend to go out of tune quickly. 

Make sure your guitar is in tune when you begin to play it, and check the tuning frequently while you're practicing, as the act of playing the guitar can cause it to go out of tune.


Nylon string, or classical guitars, are traditionally used for classical music, folk or any other style of music. 

Steel string guitars are used for rock, country and many other styles of music.


1/4 ——For ages 4-6

1/2 ——For ages 5-8

3/4 ——For ages 8-11

4/4 ——For adult and children over age 11

It is highly recommended to buy this guitar set and enjoy playing it !

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