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Hi, guys ! Happy Summer Holiday 2021 ! It's time to get ready for a happy and relaxed summer holiday this year now ! Get our selected high quality guitarsukulelesviolinskalimba and accessories at so that you can play your favorite guitar songs, ukulele songs, kalimba music and violin melody along your journey.

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  • Produce remarkable sound and visual beauty
  • Alloy tailpiece with 4 integrated fine tuners
  • 4 steel strings already installed on the violin
  • Red brown varnish finish with beautiful texture
  • 1/2 half size acoustic violin for beginning violinist
  • Hand-carved solid spruce top and maple back & sides & neck
  • Maple fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest with an alloy tailpiece
  • Suitable for age 8-9 yrs old with an arm length of 20" to 22" 
  • For all kinds of musical type, classical music, popular music and so on


  • *Useful rosin
  • *A wood bridge
  • *Shoulder rest 
  • *lightweight carry case with padded plush interior
  • *Brazilwood violin bow with rosewood frog and unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair

Choose the right violin size:

  • *4/4 = Full Size, Age 11 yrs+ to adult with an arm length of 23.5 and up
  • *3/4 = Age 10-11 yrs old with an arm length of 22 to 23.5
  • *1/2 = Age 8-9 yrs old with an arm length of 20" to 22" 
  • *1/4 = Age 6-7 yrs old with an arm length of 17.6" to 20" 
  • *1/8 = Age 5 yrs old with an arm length of 17.1" to 17.5" 
  • *1/10 = Age 4 yrs old with an arm length of 15 3/8" to 17" 
  • *1/16 = Age 2-3 yrs old with an arm length of 14" to 15 3/8"

Arm Length: the length between your neck and the middle of your left-hand palm (when your hand is fully extended and raised perpendicular to your body, just like holding a violin).


The first time you play the violin, please rub some rosin onto the bow before you play the dear violin, please make sure that the tuners get well adjusted and the bridge are properly placed.

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